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Forrester™ is unlike any other business development firm. Along with other unscrupulous practices, most business development firms provide their clients with vague advice in an attempt to filibuster extra billable hours from their small businesses. Forrester™ knows that when you succeed, we succeed and that is why our consultants walk with you, hand in hand, through all the processes that create profitability and sustainability for your small to mid-size business.

The Forrester™ method requires that we learn everything we can learn about how your organization. Then, with the smoothest transitions possible, we implement our expertise to any department of your business that not only increases our small to midsize business partner’s profitability, but it also ensures their long term success.

Here is a brief overview of the services Forrester™ provides.

Big Box Retailer Product Placement
Best Buy, Target, Lowe's, Trader Joe's, are just a few of the big box retailers Forrester™ works with to bring our partners success and notoriety. Along with our other services making your products and services accessible to the public in a way that most companies only dream about.
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Legal Protection
Whether it is approving vendor contracts, implementing lawful debt collection procedures or preventing frivolous lawsuits, Forrester™’s legal team protects your organization by giving you access to knowledge and expertise of a judiciary system that would be costly, inefficient and complicated to a business owner on their own.
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Legal Branding
means protection for your intellectual and technological property. Let Forrester™ guide you through the intricate process that safeguards your hard work. Forrester™’s commitment to your success extends farther than just protection. Through our monitoring system we are able to track the global marketplace to prevent infringement for as long as you stay partners with Forrester™.
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Online Brand Management
Today’s’ technology-obsessed customers rely heavily on the internet to research an organization. It is important for your company to create and maintain a clear and reliable presence amidst the rest of the internet noise. Forrester™ knows the difficulties small business face with gain customer loyalty and traction while competing with the larger corporations. Our Brand management experts advise our clients as to how to surpass the competition by promoting brand awareness of your company creating a stunning website, creating innovative marketing campaigns, and developing materials that help your business stand out from the rest.
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Business consultation
By thoroughly researching our client’s industry and assessing each department’s efficiency and growth potential, Forrester™ is able to assist your enterprise with practically every aspect of its development. Managing day to day operations, planning viable marketing strategies, pricing, workforce enhancement, and implementation of cost effective employee health benefits and retirement plans are just a few of the specialties
held by Forrester™’s business consultants. Partnership with Forrester™ is a team effort and we can help build your business from start to finish.
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Capital Investment

Poor personal or business credit, identity theft or tricky bank loans are a thing of the past when you partner with Forrester™. Based on a propriety evaluation procedure, Forrester™ lets your business speak for itself. We create financial agreements tailored specifically to your company to provide you with the funds necessary to complete purchase orders or purchase machinery, anything you need to make your business successful. Click here to learn more.

Angel Investment 
Another form of funding that gives our partners access to the same services areas as a Capital Investment participant, but provides another level of peace of mind and freedom for your organization.
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Licensing & Franchising
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Corporation & LLC Formation

From attaining an EIN to choosing the business structure that ensures optimum efficiency and growth potential Forrester™ is dedicated to helping your business make the right decisions. Protection for you and your partners is possible when you partner with Forrester™ and find the right fit.
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