Legal Branding

Legal BrandingYou have finally finished the intricate process of incorporating your business. You have a logo, a product, a process, maybe even a jingle, but now you have another serious problem. 
Perhaps you have seen your logo on another company’s letterhead or perhaps learned of a competitor who has created a product that looks uncannily familiar to yours. This is where Forrester’s legal branding team comes in.  
Protecting your hard work requires the registration of copyrights, patents, trademarks and other essential legal documents designed to prevent and penalize infringement. However, acquisition of these necessary documents are often complicated, expensive and time consuming. Legal branding with Forrester is time and cost effective. Our teams utilize their expertise to help you understand the process and choose the protective measures necessary to safeguard your hard work.

Once you are protected Forrester does not stop there, infringement is still a possibility. That is why Forrester scours the global market place to identify violators who may be using your technology, copyrights or trademarks. Next, Forrester takes immediate action to rectify the offense or offenses, whether it requires cease and desist letters or litigation. As a partner with Forrester, you get the protection you need and can rely on, because when you succeed, we succeed.