Legal Protection

Legal Protection
Legal Protection
Forrester endeavors to know your business inside and out. We retain a team of attorneys to review and explain the dense and confusing contracts necessary for your company’s success, providing you with the opportunity

to make the best legal decisions possible.

Consider these 3 scenarios:

1.You are approved by a big-box retailer and your attorney gives you the thumbs-up on a contract that says

you must manufacture up to 2,000 units a day. However, your facility can only handle 1,000 units a day, which

your attorney doesn’t know because he’s not your partner. Approval of such a contract means you are

obligated to produce 2,000 units a day and necessary office space and man-power are not in the profit of the

contract. You would be in danger of facing bankruptcy and risk never again contracting with a major supplier if

you fail to meet the terms of the contract.

2. In a recent survey, debt collection was the most frequently cited legal problem with 22 percent of small

business owners. Additionally, more and more business owners were finding themselves victims of lawsuits

because they mistakenly committed offenses that resulted in unlawful debt collection. Non- compliant debtors,

hiring attorneys that may charge more than the debt is worth and generating costly letters to recuperate your

losses are just a few of the obstacles debt collection creates for small to midsize businesses.

3. As a defendant in a lawsuit you want to disclose to your attorney everything you know about your case.

With traditional attorneys that charge on an hourly basis you can encounter large costs with just trying to form

the foundation of your case. In addition to disclosure, you can also find the time and cost increase due to lack

of communication and untimely execution of legal maneuvers. As a business owner, you have lost 3 of your

most valuable assets that are best employed in the management of your business, time, energy and money.

Forrester’s legal protection program solves these common problems and more. As partners, we educate

ourselves about your company and your ambitions, thus ensuring incomparable legal assistance. Regardless

of the focus; debt collection, infringement, or patent acquisition, our experts know the law.

For a fraction of what a small business owners would pay a lawyer to handle a single issue, such as a debt

collection letter which could cost $300-$400, Forrester’s legal team gives you, our partner, unlimited access

and communication to a law firm dedicated to any number of legal concerns or proceedings. No more asking

well-doers for amateur legal advices or googling legal terms; with Forrester, you just pick up the phone and

speak to an expert about your company’s legal issues until you are comfortable.